A Rug Can do Wonders to Your Living Room

Of late there has been a trend of adding a rug in to add a spark to your home décor. The very mention of the word ‘rug’ brings in the picture of doormat in front of the eyes. Though from the functional point of view, the two words might be synonymous, rugs, as they are presented by the contemporary interior design houses have completely changed the concept, look and feel of rugs. Rugs are now used as accent pieces to add the much needed warmth and softness to the home décor.

There are several types of rugs that serve different purpose. Going by the earlier rule book, there are rugs available for the entry gate, bathroom, kitchen and other utility areas of the house. Upgrading from the basic functional level, some casual, beautiful and lightweight rugs are available for bedrooms. And moving on to the living room, the selection has to be more plush and suave.

Traditional Heavyweight Carpets in a Modern Avatar

The erstwhile heavy weight carpets have given way to the more lightweight rugs with more contemporary patterns and designs. Looking at the market demands for easy-to-maintain lightweight rugs, the traditional handloom carpet traders in India have also upgraded their offerings to meet the market demands and preferences of the present day customers.

The traditional hand crafted carpets used to be a status symbol and a treasured possession for every family. These articles demanded very high maintenance as compared to the contemporary variants. The preferred material for rugs these days is plastic merely for the low maintenance property.

Choosing the Right Rug

Rugs and throws have become a mandate in the present day home décor. And thanks to some of the best carpet manufacturers in India, the customers are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to design, colors and texture. The colors are chosen mindfully complimenting the wall color and the furniture of the room. The design patterns are kept on the minimal side to ensure subtlety and sophistication.

Just like the wall hangings, carpets or rugs are supposed to be placed at the background to accentuate the look and feel of the entire room. In fact, carpets are used as wall hangings as well. Extremely intricate work, beautiful play of colors adds value to the room décor as much as an exquisite wall painting. There are lots of handmade carpet suppliers in India who deals in quality carpets.

Take Your Pick with Care

Before picking up a carpet or a rug that merely appeals to your eyes, ask yourself a few questions. Do you need a rug for functional purpose or you want it to add a dash of color and softness to the look and feel of your home interiors.

 In terms of functionality, a rug is used to control dust inside the rooms. Hence, while choosing a rug for kitchen and bathroom, pick a durable and easy to clean one preferably in dark solid colors which will give a minimal, decent look as well as serve the purpose.

While picking a rug for living room, bed room or study, be very careful while picking the right size that should complement the room. No matter how beautiful the design is, an inappropriate size will kill the look completely.

Try to avoid small sized for living rooms. Buy a rug big enough to bring together the sitting area. Place it under the coffee table and make sure that it covers the entire area in front of the sofa set. Coordinate the design and color with the fabric and color of your sofa set.

For bed rooms select a rectangular shape sized just a little smaller than the length your bed.