A Few Things to Avoid Throwing in Your Rental Disposal Bin

It is often seen, rental disposal bins are used on most of the renovation and construction sites, since they make it easier to dispose of old construction materials and any unwanted scrap around the project site. Moreover, these rental garbage bins also help to clear and more organize the construction site and all the crucial areas around the project easy accessible without moving out to dump piles of dirt and debris. You can collect item like glass, concrete, cardboard, bricks and soil into the rental dumping bin, once it is full can be disposed of away from the construction site. A huge level of convenience is offered during construction work by these bins. But there are some of the items which cannot be thrown in garbage bin rental for safety concerns. These items are mentioned below:

  • Paint

Disposal bin should not be used to throw any leftover paint, particularly oil-based paints as they contain chemical that can be harmful to the animals and the environment. Moreover materials like coatings, stains, paint removers and varnishes are also dangerous wastes. If you have any leftover paint, you can donate it to nonprofit associations like hospitals and schools for paintings. But if you have a full can leftover, you can return it to the shop where you bought it.

  • Motor Oil

Another thing is motor oil that should not be poured into rental disposal bins as it can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. If you have to dispose it, you must pour into a plastic container that can be sealed properly and taken away safely for recycling. Moreover, it should not be mixed with other materials to avoid severe contamination and pollution.

  • Batteries

All types of batteries contain chemicals that cannot be disposed of anywhere or in rental disposal bins. You can get assistance from Romano Disposal Inc, they are able to assist you on how to divest yourself of the old batteries without causing any harm.

  • Tires

Do not try to throw your old tires in garbage bins because they also can be recycled and repurposed. So it is a great idea to take your old tires to a recycling plant.

  • Electronics

Heavy metals based item like laptops, TVs, fridge and cookers have recyclable materials, but if thrown away it that can be hazardous to animal health, human health and the environment. Numbers of electronics recycling plants are available where you can take your electronic item for recycling.