9 Warning Signs That You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning

After a busy work week, you’ve finally had the time to do your laundry. But just like how you’re stuck writing a report asked by your supervisor, you realize that your wet clothes aren’t getting dried. Laundry day is put to a halt; your reliable clothes dryer seems to have given up.

While the idea of your dryer getting old comes to mind first, you might want to pause and rethink — check if it just needs a little help from a dryer vent cleaner.

Why Check the Dryer Vent Regularly

If the vent is clogged, overheating is a possibility. According to a report by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 6,000 residential fire incidents caused by the overheating of a clothes dryer were tallied from 2009 to 2011. The damage amounts to a whopping $75.3 million.

As per the Federal Emergency Management Agency, some dryer vent-related cases even resulted in deaths and injuries, on top of property loss.

But even if the damage does not reach that dangerous point, failing to clean the vent still entails a lot of cost. This includes obtaining higher energy bill, and of course, decreasing the lifespan of the clothes dryer.

So, although you’re a busy bee, it is still a necessary chore to check your vent dryer every now and then to avoid any dangerous situations.

Signs that Tell Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

Knowing the consequences of an unclean dryer vent, here are 9 tell-tale signs that you need to clean it — ASAP!

* Your dryer’s surface gets hot while it’s being used. This is because a blockage is preventing heat from escaping or being exhausted out of the clothes dryer.

* The said blockage can also cause your vent’s hood flap to not open properly.

* Your dryer is completing its job at a slower pace.

* Your dryer keeps shutting off even before a cycle ends.

* You feel more humidity inside your laundry area. This happens because your vent can’t simply take the air away from your house.

* Not only do you feel hotter in your laundry room, you also begin to notice a moldy or mildewy smell.

* You also notice the presence of excess lint — on the lint filter, behind the dryer, and on the clothes themselves.

* If you’re keeping pets, you also notice excess pet hair. With a furry friend around, take note that your dryer vent will tend to clog more quickly

* The last time you’ve hired a dryer vent cleaner to inspect your clothes dryer is almost a year ago.

What to Do to Maintain a Clean Dryer Vent

Prevention is always better than cure. And the same goes to dryer vents. Before reaching a point where you’d need to call for a dryer vent cleaner, it’s still best to do precautionary measures yourself.

Make sure that after each load, you clean the lint filter. Also, make it a point that your vent hose is not kinked. And most importantly, never ever overload your dryer — it’s a key to prolong your laundry buddy’s lifespan.
Contact JCS Home Services today and take advantage of our best dryer vent cleaner deals. More than unclogging, your home will be a much safer place after we’ve cleaned your dryer vent.