8 Top Stylish Glass Barn Doors

Ordinary glass barn doors open slide horizontally parallel to walls. You can mount a barn door above a tract or suspend it beneath it. The following are the most sought out types of glass doors in 2018.

  1. Farmhouse Barn Door

A typical Farmhouse barn door opens up your kitchen to the outdoor space. It enables you to create a perfect focal point. Besides, you can install it across a kitchen wall. Its large glass surface enhances illumination in the kitchen. It’s an excellent alternative to French doors.

  1. Craftsman Interior Barn Doors

There are specific steps you need to follow when installing the Craftsman barn doors. Fixing them in playrooms is wise. However, they have a single glaze glass which makes them appropriate for master bedrooms. They use hardware similar to that of double doors.

  1. Hi-Point Home Glass Barn Doors

You can get a variety of Hi-Point barn doors that are compatible with different décor. Also, you can get customized doors that are suitable for your front door’s molding. Furthermore, you can get a curved entry Hi-Point glass door.

  1. Man Caves Basement Barn Door

Man Caves door is ideal for sports bars. You can quickly transform an empty basement into a stylish sports bar by installing it. Moreover, you can create a sports bar using standard wood cabinetry to offer adequate storage space.

  1. Sliding Garage Barn Door

The American Real Carriage & Sliding Hardware is a prominent manufacturer of sliding garage barn doors. You can buy them as bypassing garage doors, bi-parting doors or single sliding glass doors. They open up your garage space.

  1. Barn Door Hardware Traditional-Hall

A standard Traditional-Hall barn door uses a horseshoe tract that enables it to open seamlessly. Also, they have a smart placement which is appropriate for floor length mirrors. You can install it in your master bathroom or bedroom.

  1. Barnwood DoorsBarn Glass Doors

Barnwood doors are fit for original bathroom floors. They offer an elegant sliding which provides maximum privacy in your bathtub. Also, they enhance illumination by allowing sunlight to penetrate through your shower. You can get a black, oil-bronzed or stainless steel finishes.

  1. Interior Glass Barn Doors

You can salvage a typical glass window and transform it into an interior glass barn door. Besides, you can add a box rail hardware with a black powder coat. An interior glass barn door is useful in separating your dining room from your living room.

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