8 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Bathroom without Reconstruction

Well, you can perform bathroom renovation without having to reconstruct it. So no need to take any worries about heavy outlays and extended time. When you understand how radically, speedily and cost-effectively you can fully upgrade the bathroom space without a full-fledged renovation, you will think as to why you have waited for so long. If you’re looking for an affordable bathroom renovation, here are the 8 easy ways to revamp your bathroom without reconstruction – these simple upgrades can provide you with a fresh new look on a modest budget.

  1. Sink, Tub & Shower Taps

For practicality, look for sink fixtures that provide a little more height over the bowl and length extending into the bowl. Upgrade the showerhead or shower tapware with a new one that will make your morning bath enjoyable. Another functional and indulgent option is a handheld showerhead that effortlessly ties into the shower arm and can extend from the wall through a hose.

  1. Storage

Keeping the bathroom clean and neat is imperative, as it is the space that our guests may see. Maintaining everything in proper order is also vital for keeping stress on the other side of the bathroom door. A fast and practical fix here are simple storage cubbies. Store toiletries, makeup and other beauty and grooming equipment in small caddies that you can easily open and use, place it back and close away.

  1. Hardware

Drawer pulls are available in all styles and at all price points, and this is another big change you can make. Select drawer pulls that preserve the style makeover. If you want to achieve the spa look, select a nickel or stainless finish. However, in a refined setting, oil-rubbed bronze tones will add the richness.

  1. Mirror & Medicine Cabinet

Choose a plain bevelled mirror version having a plastic wipe-able interior and upgrade a rusted metal version. There are many options available for the standard medicine cabinet, choose one that blends effortlessly into the existing space replacing your current cabinet.

  1. Towel Warmer

If your bathroom doesn’t have generous space then a towel warmer is the amenity that will add practicality and elegance to your bathroom. They come integrated and can be directly plugged in and hanged on the wall.

  1. New Shower Screen

Older shower screens or shower curtains can emit the bathroom age. An easy way to revamp the bathroom is by replacing the shower screen. Depending on your bathroom layout and style, numerous options are available that range from frameless to pivot shower screens. You can effortlessly change the look and feel of your bathroom just by changing the shower screen – install an attractive shower screen that radiates freshness.

  1. Paint

To achieve a simple and gentle feel, select soft and comforting tones to provide a better sense of space and light. On the contrary, if you want an affluent, dark hideaway, pick warm saturated tones to strike the right ambience.

  1. Lighting

Indeed, proper grooming requires good light; however, when you just want to get inside the tub and unwind, you want something gentler. Begin your lighting alteration with a simple dimmer switch. Changing the vanity lighting fixture is uncomplicated. Just pick vanity lighting that covers the same area of the original fixture. To take it one step higher, look at an impressive piece of statement lighting such as a pendant or chandelier that provides an opulent feel.

Note: If you’re doing the upgrades yourself, make sure to take the assistance of an expert local plumber for all plumbing related tasks and call an expert electrician for electrical tasks.

The Concluding Touches

A fresh bathmat and new towels can alter the ambience of your bath space with minimal effort. If you want to create a spa-like aesthetic, choose white colour or opt for a monochromatic colour combination to dry off in style. For a little sophistication, monogram your bath towels with your “Initials” and “Guest.” This extra touch will make all your efforts worth the time. Voila! You’ve upgraded your bathroom in style.