7 Reasons to Consider Hydroseeding to Grow a Lawn

If you are someone looking for instant results when improving your outdoor space, then you should consider resorting to hydroseeding.

When it comes to the advantages of hydroseeding, you’ll be happy to discover that there are quite a lot. From compatibility to cost-effectiveness, it’s no wonder why many choose this as the seeding method for their properties.

Hydroseeding is a planting process that spreads mulch and moisture-infused grass onto your lawn to trigger growth. It is normally used as an alternative erosion control method to the traditional method of sowing dry seeds.

Here’s why you should choose hydroseeding over other kinds of grass planting methods.

1. Minimal maintenance

When it comes to grass seed, you need to avoid walking on newly planted areas and water them several times a day, then wait for grass blades to appear soon. On the other hand, when you use sod, you should water often and plant your grass before the sod becomes dry to make sure it has a healthy growth.

Hydroseeding for property maintenance doesn’t involve as much effort compared to other techniques. As your seeds mix with thick and moist mulch, you won’t need to worry about seeds getting washed away during watering. Also, seeds are able to take root and grow more easily than traditional grass seeds, and almost as fast as when you plant in sod.

And as you start hydroseeding, you can prevent others from stepping on your newly planted lawn at night by making use of the brightest lighting technology.

2. High success rate

Hydroseeding techniques lead to an even-layered lawn, ensuring that thick and healthy grass seed spread across all areas of your lawn. The process and grass treatment prior to application help make sure that you have even growth and more areas for the seeds to fill in completely. With hydroseeding, your entire lawn grows successfully the first time, saving you more money and time in the process.

3. Healthier grass

With sod, the roots of your grass are being chopped off. This is a huge contributing factor in how well your grass will grow or not. But even if it will grow, that does not guarantee that it’ll be healthy grass.

Hydroseeding works with germination. Here, grass blades grow while the roots embed in the soil on their own, producing active, healthy grass.

4. Faster growth

A hydroseeded lawn usually grows faster. As a matter of fact, it is common to see initial growth in as early as five to six days. And with faster lawn growth, you’ll have less to worry about in terms of nurturing your grass through its critical stages.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Sodding is a nice way to establish a good-looking lawn. Unfortunately, it is also quite expensive. Hydroseeding, on the other hand, can help you establish a great-looking lawn at a more affordable cost than that of planting sod.

The cost of using sod on your lawn will tend to run up four times as much as, or even more than, hydroseeding. Both methods produce excellent results, but it’s more practical to go with hydroseeding to save on cost.

6. Customized for soil

Often, sod is incompatible with the soil. This results in the rejection of grass roots, called “not taking.” It’s somehow similar to a heart transplant: If it’s not a match, your body will reject the organ.

Your soil can reject sodding, but with hydroseeding, you can match the mixture to your soil specifications.

7. Erosion control

When you make use of wood fiber mulch in hydroseeding, it offers a certain degree of built-in erosion control for your grass. Since the mulch is incorporated in the slurry then applied with the seed, a hydroseed application often solves erosion issues instinctively. As the application becomes hard, you are able to control most erosion problems until the seed grows and establishes itself.

Most homeowners want a green, lush lawn, but most of them think having a good-looking one also comes with a high price. Since hydroseeding is a proven and cost-effective seeding method, plus several other attractive benefits, there’s certainly no reason for you not to consider it. So, how about getting in touch with your local property maintenance experts and discussing how hydroseeding can transform your outdoor space?


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