7 Benefits of using uPVC windows and doors for your home

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uPVC as a polymer substance is highly versatile and flexible. uPVC polymers are used in the business of making uPVC windows and doors. It is often debated that how did uPVC supersede its notable counterparts like wood, aluminium and iron. It is due to uPVC’s light weight and recyclable nature that it is used to fabricate windows and doors.

uPVC is extensively used because it is not easily affected by climatic changes unlike other substances like wood and the best part about it is it lasts longer without any prior repairs. If you want the best for your house, install uPVC windows and doors.

Here’s why uPVC windows and doors are the perfect fit for your home:

  • Durable:

uPVC as a substance is highly durable. They are designed to last a lifetime due to the presence of titanium oxide and calcium zinc stabilisers. They never require repainting, rot or corrode. These uPVC solutions serve as a lifetime investment for your living space.

  • Low Maintenance:

Usually, wood and aluminium are susceptible to corrosion, dampness and may require constant repairs. uPVC solutions never require maintenance. All one needs is an occasional swipe with a dry cloth and the uPVC windows and doors are as good as new.  

  • Weather-proof:
    uPVC windows and doors are designed to withstand heavy torrential rains, cyclones, humidity, high-speed winds and tropical weather. They remain leak proof and the double sealed strength helps them be weather-proof.
  • Secure:
    Multi-lock high security locks are installed in uPVC windows and doors. All the locks and fittings are screwed into the steel core of the window and door framing. Hence making security all-round. uPVC windows and doors when fabricated use galvanised reinforcements to make the frames more strong and resilient.
    • Energy efficient:
      Due to the use of lead-free materials and calcium zinc stabilisers in the manufacturing process, the uPVC windows and doors are highly energy efficient. They can maintain up to three times more effective and cool temperature within the living space than it is outside. uPVC windows and doors solutions are highly efficient for tropical weathers.
  • Noise proof:
    All uPVC windows and doors are double sealed systems along with insulating glasses. They are guaranteed to reduce noise by 40dB. The environment inside your living space will be calm and serene.
  • Fire resistant:

uPVC polymers are self-extinguishing. It will never allow fire to spread due to the fire retardant used in the mix while designing it. The frames are manufactured to adhere to the European norms.

With such numerous benefits, uPVC windows and doors are absolutely the way to go. So, what are you waiting for?