6 tips to boost the appraisal value of your home

If what you require is refinancing or you need a fair market evaluation of your property for tax reasons, then you would be required to get an appraisal from professional appraisers like IMMEXPERTS. There are ways to make sure you get the highest price point possible for your home and below are a few of them.

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  • Have a good clean up

This may sound simple, but it is not about making the bed or cleaning the cat litter. Cleaning up is about giving your floors or carpet a good scrub or vacuum and ensure that dust is not prevalent on tables, furniture or baseboards. Also, it is important to get rid of projects. If at the backyard you have a car-in-progress, it is advisable to remove it or you build a contained shelter around it.

  • Paying attention to curb appeal

A few dirty dishes in the sink may not affect your home’s value but the unruly row hedge and the uncut lawn (or the building of a snow mound) will have an impact on your home’s value. It is important to take an hour and try to spruce up the outside of your home. The outside of your home is not only the first impression to the appraiser, but he or she would also spend a bit more time at this part of the homemaking notes and also taking measurements.

  • make a list of your updates. 

It is important you keep a list of your updates. Take for an instance, after installing a new copper plumbing and also revisiting all the electrical components at a combined cost that is well over $10,000, it would be regrettable not to highlight these upgrades. Therefore, it is advisable that you keep a list, stating the type of work done, which company did it and when it was done. If its possible you can give the appraiser the list. The appraiser then has a reference from that list as to what has been updated and how recent it is or how professional the work was done

  • Ensure you have a list of your own notables. 

If you love your home then you need to brag about it. For instance, within the deep urban center of Toronto, a parking space, and a large outdoor space is not just nice, it’s a selling feature for the home. Therefore, make a list of the features your home has and then provide the list to your appraiser. They will surely compare your home to those found in your area, but they will definitely have a better idea of what your home offers and this could increase your appraisal value.

  • If you need to update, be prudent in your spending. 

A lot of people are of the idea that bathrooms and kitchens are the panaceas for getting high prices on homes. Actually, it is not. First of all, you need to consider the fact that kitchen and bathroom remodels are some of the most expensive reno cost. Therefore, it is wiser to Spend a bit of money for a little updating like painting, new carpets, new light bulb or plumbing fixtures that do not require you to break the bank but can also provide the needed impact.

  • Always keep in mind the $500 rule.

It is important that you keep the $500 rule in mind because on a usual base, appraisers will always appraise homes in $500 increments. If a repair or upgrade is required, the appraisers would also take it into account. So if you have a leaky faucet, cracked windows and missing handrails, it would have a major financial impact on your home’s value even though it does not cost that much to fix.