6 Non-Negotiable Considerations When Hiring a Lawn Mowing Company

Every homeowner desires to have a lush, green lawn. However, lawn maintenance can be quite challenging, especially when you have so many other things to attend to.

At this point, the wise decision to make is to let an expert lawn care service provider get the job done.

But with various service providers available in your location, how do you choose the right company for the job? To help guide your decision-making process, here are six non-negotiable factors you should consider before you commit to a lawn mowing company.

1. Services

Most lawn mowing companies specialise in specific areas and you may end up with one that doesn’t perform the service you need. The best you can do is come up with a list that contains tasks that you require the lawn company to accomplish. By doing this, you can then check if a company you are considering is up to the challenge.

Different companies may provide different services and perform certain techniques. Make a shortlist of companies and compare what they have to offer so you can find the team that can best meet your needs.

2. Equipment

Choose a company that knows how to handle and care for their equipment well. Mower blades should be sharpened or changed every 10 hours of cutting. In fact, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask how often the company changes their mower blades.

There’s a huge difference between grass cut with a sharp and with a dull blade. Dull mower blades make your glass look ragged and brown on the top.  

3. Cost

If your lawn is not in good condition, you don’t have to get scared that you’ll rack up a high price estimate. After all, the company you choose should depend on your budget. Always ask about their start-up fee to get your lawn under control, then ask how much they charge for regular maintenance.

Don’t easily trust companies who guarantee an annual rate without having had a glimpse of your lawn first. And check out what payment plans they offer before signing a contract.

4. License and Insurance

It’s a must for a lawn mowing company to have the proper license and insurance. Having them will give you a guarantee on the following:

  • The lawn mowing company will do their best to give a professional service
  • In case of injuries on your property, you won’t be liable
  • When damage is incurred, the insurance will cover it

5. Customer Service

These days, good customer care matters a lot. It can be quite a hassle to sign-up and get a quote. Much worse, it even difficult to modify a service and get a special job done. So you’ll want to hire a company that communicates well and understands what you need.

There are many disorganised companies out there and you surely won’t want to spend too much effort playing phone tag. In this case, look for a company that has the following customer service qualities:

  • A manager or operator who can respond to your queries reasonably and promptly
  • Up-to-date with technology
  • Accessible through email or social media
  • Uses lawn care billing and scheduling software

Investing your hard-earned money in a long-term relationship with a lawn mowing company is a risk. That’s why it’s vital that you check for exceptional customer service from the start to save time and avoid stress.

6. Reputation

With the internet, you can instantly review customer comments to evaluate the reputation of a company. Although it doesn’t really give you the whole story, it does provide you with a good glimpse of what you stand to get if you hire them. If you notice that the company has gotten plenty of negative reviews, then you have a more substantial reason not to hire them.

Asking your neighbours which lawn mowing company they use and what they can say about them is also a useful method. This is effective when it comes to avoiding unreliable companies that previously left your neighbours unsatisfied.

Besides making sure that you hire a reliable lawn mowing company, you should also ensure that they’re available whenever you need them. Get a good amount of information and consider the non-negotiable factors above before making a decision. A good company will never falter in providing you with proof of their quality service.