5 Ways to Get Excellent TV Reception

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You have just spent your hard-earned money on setting up your state-of-the-art home entertainment room. You bought a huge digital TV, a high-quality sound system, and other essentials.

But all these suddenly became useless when you realised that the picture and sound quality are terrible.

Poor TV reception can compromise the beauty and attractiveness of the media room. This is often caused by the use of inferior video and sound equipment and improper installation. For this reason, you should opt for a high-quality digital TV antenna and let the professionals install it.

Getting an upgrade to a digital TV antenna is a great way to enjoy free television. You don’t have to worry about paying monthly bills. This is a one-time investment that allows you to enjoy watching local channels at no cost. It is more powerful than its analogue counterpart. You can combine it with a Pay TV or a streaming service so you have a superb TV viewing experience.

Here are five ways to enjoy the best TV reception:

1. Purchase the right digital TV antenna

The technologies used in indoor and outdoor antennas are somewhat the same, but an outdoor antenna is better equipped to resist even the harshest weather conditions. Also, it receives all available channels in your area. This is why experts recommend purchasing a high-quality, durable outdoor antenna.

2. Ensure proper antenna placement

Antenna placement is the most crucial consideration to get excellent TV reception. For an amateur installer, this takes time to figure out. But basically, the antenna must be close-to-the-air since the signals are transmitted over-the-air. This further means that the digital TV antenna must be placed higher to provide you with the best line of sight to the broadcast tower. Also, the direction where the antenna is pointing at must be considered. So you must know where the nearest broadcast tower is.

Furthermore, remember that the signal will lose its strength when it must go through a wall. So if there are lots of walls blocking the signal, this will reflect on the image and sound quality. The signal can also suffer interference from environmental factors like high trees and hedges. So if your home is surrounded by trees, prepare to prune or trim them to receive the best possible TV reception.

3. Buy the right cables

By moving up the digital TV antenna, some signal quality may be lost. When it comes to transmitting information, cables are great options. But as you go further from the source, it gets more interferences.

The best solution is to purchase the best in class cable. Consider looking for features like insulation, shielding, and conduction. Get your hands on cables that are thicker and have better shielding as these will also help deter rats and mice from chewing them.

4. Use a signal booster

If the signal is too weak in your area because you are located far from the broadcast tower, the use of a signal booster can be the ultimate solution. This device will help increase the signal to your TV by adding an electrical push so the signal can travel farther, providing clearer sounds and images.  

Today, there are already digital TV antennas with a plug-in power booster that acts similarly.

5. Invest in a professional digital TV installation service

Unless you are equipped with the right knowledge and skill, letting a professional install your digital TV antenna is your best option to enjoy an excellent TV viewing experience. These pros have the key know-how and skills that are needed for high-quality installations.

You don’t have to experience the struggle of finding the best antenna spot, determining the proper height, and knowing where the broadcast tower is located. Also, they can help you calibrate your newly bought digital TV.

Digital transmission is not an easy process. This requires the use of the right digital TV antenna that is well-positioned on your home’s roof. Unfortunately, only professional digital TV antenna installers have the proper training and in-depth experience to set it up.

Aside from new antenna installation, these specialists are also well-versed in antenna repairs. So if you are experiencing issues with your current antenna, just give them a call. A technician will inspect and diagnose the problem, and provide you with the best possible solution. Expect that these pros will restore excellent sound and picture quality in no time.