5 Ways How a Bad Mattress Affects your Sleep

“Sleep is an investment in the energy that you need to be effective tomorrow”

Tom Ruth

It is an old proverb that early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. This holds just as much truth today as it did then.

An important aspect also is that the your sleep has to be uninterrupted. There are a number of factors that contribute to this but the biggest factor is the bed that you sleep on. A bad mattress can completely ruin the moment you look forward to all day and give rise to numerous adverse affects on your body and health.

1.     Adds extra inches to your belly

One of the most notable drawbacks of uncomfortable sleep is that you start to gain weight. This is because the digestion processes of food in the body are greatly influenced by the amount of sleep that a person gets. A decrease in the time your body spends at rest means that the process gets harder and harder every time.

2.     Weakens of internal body systems

Several internal functions of the body are impacted by a lack of sleep that can be caused by a bad mattress. These include weakening of your immune systems, digestive systems as we’ve mentioned earlier, the heart and the cardiac system as well as the nervous system.

This is because, like a computer, the human brain is programmed to execute certain functions at certain parts of the day and inability to do so disrupts the entire workflow.

As a result, the systems start to falter. This can lead to serious problems in the long run.

3.     Tiredness

This one is certainly obvious. A lack of sleep means that you wake up every day without the essential amount of energy that you need the entire day. Consequently, you spent your day dozing and tumbling in one place or the other. This can affect your work performance and negatively impact the reputation you hold among your peers and colleagues.

4.     Psychological problems

There are a variety of psychological problems that are associated with a lack of sleep resulting from a bad mattress. These can range from mild to serious, depending on the amount of sleep your getting, and how frequently your bed breaks your slumber.

Stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, loss of memory and awareness, depression etc. can all result from a lack of proper sleep during the night. If you’re not resting like you should, then change your mattress at the first available opportunity.

5.     Working in bed makes you less productive

Today’s generation spends a sizeable chunk of their nights awake, on their gadgets while on their bed. Experts say that this can have adverse impacts on your sleep because the brain becomes rewired and programmed to expect performing work when it is time to sleep making the process of falling into slumber quite difficult.

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