5 Small Outdoor Space Decorating Ideas

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1. Balcony
Tiny balconies can be a challenge to decorate. Maybe you have a beach view and enjoy spending relaxing time there. Consider folding chairs to use. These can easily be folded up and stored to the side. My personal favorite are the director type chairs. Not only do these fold up easily for storage, but they have some height to them so your vision point is better plus they work well with the table idea below. A small outdoor rug works nicely. Instead of a table that can take up much space area, consider buying or making a shelf that can be attached to the balcony railing! Bar height for sure! With this, you can enjoy breakfast or lunch on your patio while taking in the view. If you are allowed, a small fire pit or grill is a nice addition. The web site at www.thefirepitstore.com has a nice selection to chose from.

2. Small Yard Areas/Nooks
Some homes may have a small grassy yard area to the side that are just too small for a grill, chairs, tables etc. One idea that I love, especially if you live near a beach, is build an outdoor shower in that odd area. Using some hardscape and certainly a privacy fence, you can have a perfect outdoor bungalow look for your shower. There are many large, weird and funky shower heads you can choose from to amp it up. Also, a couple of small plants can add to a tropical feel. Use some string lighting as well. These come in many shapes, colors and sizes to really sharpen the look.

3. Create a hippie-boho living space
If you have a small deck, you can easily and inexpensively turn this area into a lounge area full of Zen. You can use long covered cushions, sit them directly on the deck to create a small off-beat, beatnik type outdoor living area. These cushions take up much less space than large furniture pieces. Add a small table, the height of the cushion seating area for drinks or ashtrays if smoking is allowed. A small weird designed rug under the table can blend the look. Use brigt colors ad contrasting colors or designs. Remember the macrame plant hangers from the 70’s? You can still buy these or make your own to hang a cool plant in! Add one or two low slung chairs like the beachy ones, if you have the space. This area will be the envy of the neighborhood! Adding a fire pit or patio heater can extend the season during the cooler fall months. Check this site out for a few different options

4.Functional Plant Spaces
A great DIY project. You are basically knocking out two birds with one stone. Build a table to park in front of an outdoor couch or glider. Making the table top thicker, you can leave a sunken area down the middle of the table to plant herbs or plants. Add some unique small stones to create a unique 2 in 1 feature. The table can be perfect for resting your coffee, drink or book on as well, while relaxing outdoors.

5. Fairy Gardens
The kids will love this project. Creating a fairy garden in a small space or a small container! Your own miniture world. You can use a basket, a plant pot or make your own with a few boards. Many stores have recognized this trendy hobby and sell many types of small fake or real plants, gnomes, animals, rocks, mushrooms gravel….the list is endless. Start with potting soil. Perfect greenery includes moss, miniture african violets, creeping vines like thyme. Miniature flowers, dianthus or evergreens. Make of purchase the other accessories like chickens, cactus, pea gravel , etc. Looking online you can find hundreds of plans for these fairy gardens. One word of warning……this hobby is extremely ADDICTIVE!

Enjoy your outdoor areas this spring, summer and fall!