5 Problems that may occur to a house’s roof

Maintaining your house is a hectic thing to do. You will have responsibilities to paint your house every 5 to 6 years. But one thing that almost everyone neglects is the roof. It does stay fit for a long time but it is healthy to get it checked every 10 years. If not checked then soon enough problems will emerge and you will pay a hefty amount to fix it. We will not some common problem that the roof can get. Always remember to hire a professional roofer like R2 Roof Guysif you face any of the problems that we are going to list.

Common problems that arise on your roof:

  • Leaky Roof: One of the most common problems faced by homeowners is a roof that leaks. They can look at symptoms like a moist attic or leaks near the chimney or skylight. This can be due to wear and tear and also due to improper installation.
  • Clogged Gutters: You will often find that the gutters have accumulated a lot of debris. It can be a time to clean the gutter or install a new one if it has been corroded. But it can also point towards other problems like broken shingles.
  • Punctures: Hail and strong winds are devastating for the roof. They can cause damage to the shingles and also the inner layer of the roof. A puncture can lead to water damage which is unhealthy for all houses.
  • Damaged Caused by Trees: A tree is definitely harmless to us but it can pose damage to the roof. During stormy days a heavy branch can fall on the roof and damage its parts. If leaves fall constantly on the roof then they may eventually erode away the top protective layer.

  • Damage caused by ice and water:
    We love to see snow on our roofs but over the time they can erode the shingles and damage them. This is especially true if water freezes on the roof during winters. This is one of the main reasons for roof damage in cold areas.

Here are some of the most common roof related problems that you may face. If you see such damages then immediately call a roofer as they are the best people to help you out. They will work on your roof without causing any harm to its surface. Take good care of your house’s roof to have a healthy home.