5 Indicators to Replace Your Water Heater

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Hot water heaters are the essential entity of almost every house. These can be used on daily basis in most households. Whether the work of washing dish or taking a hot shower,  hot water heaters are extensively used. So even if you are using your hot water heaters for years it’s better to look out the signs of getting it replaced. In every house, it is vital to have a hot water heater for the warm and running water. With annual maintenance, the life of water heaters could be enhanced but due to the usage strain or the lifespan of the tank, they need to replace. So here are the 5 Indicators which are indicating the signs of replacement of water heaters.

  • Life Span of Water Heaters

Hot water heaters generally have a decade of lifespan. This is a very limited period & they are not usually last long past this period. So the requirement to replace your heater at this time period is mandatory before its break down. Here are some of the warning signs that your heater has completed his lifespan and it’s time to get a new one. It could make some noises, it may leak out or give you cloudy water or it can completely stop working. It is also to take in consideration that if the household need of hot water is extensive and the unit is not maintained at all by the homeowner than it could be broken down before its lifespan.

  • Loud, Rumbling Noises

Another sign of replacement of your water heater is loud noises. These rumbling and popping noises are the result of sedimentation of water on water heaters. The issues of sedimentation build up lead to inefficiency of the heater that ultimately causes further damage like cracking or brittleness of foil. Therefore it could be an indication of replacement of older tanks. Another solution to this problem is tank flush that could be done by a professional plumbing service like plumbers Oakville.   


  • Insufficient Heating & Incompetent Working Of Heaters

Your heater may need replacement when hot water is no longer coming out of your heater or it is taking too much time for getting hot. The ineffective working of the elements of the equipment is one cause of this situation. These elements or devices sometimes stop working or may break down due to regular and long term usage. This issue sometimes could be fixed by simple repair but most of the time they require replacement.

  • Inadequate Pressure Relief or Leakage

While checking the pressure relief valve on your water heater, you need to pay attention to these major signs. One of them is the leakage of temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve. Secondly, hot water flows during the test of the valve. Sometimes these temperature and pressure valves get freeze and failed to function due to the buildup of mineral salt, rust, and corrosion. So it is necessary to test & check “Temperature and pressure relief valves” by a professional service like plumbing companies in Oakville at least once a year to ensure their proper working.

  • Cloudy Water or Unclear Water from Heater

Another sign of declining performance of water heater or sign of its complete breakdown is cloudy water. Sometimes this unclear water is also come out with some metallic scent or even metallic taste. This cloudy water is formed by mineral deposits that are coming out of the water heater and form a layer over hot water. Moreover, the faucets & the flow of the water also may get affected by these mineral deposits. Sometime instead of cloudy water some rusty water is also comes out of the tap because of the rusty water heater tank or house pipes.

Conclusively whatever the reason to replace your Hot water heater consult & call a professional plumbing service to replace and maintenance of your water heater.