5 Fun Family Activities to Do in Your New Home

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Whether you’ve recently invested in a new house in Kansas City or are currently on the market for one, there will be stay-at-home days where relaxing with the family is priority number one. Here are five fun family activities to occupy your time without needing to leave the house.

1.  Backyard Camping

Pitch a tent behind the house and create a campsite worthy of making s’mores and sharing spooky stories. Unlike traditional camping, this method means there’s access to indoor plumbing and supplies as needed just steps away in the house. This is a great way to create great family memories.

2.  Indoor Blanket Forts

If the outdoor elements are harsh, it’s possible to have an indoor playhouse that can serve as a tent with sheet and blanket forts. This classic and simple alternative to outdoor camping allows families to create a super-fort replete with air mattresses, a snack stash and entertainment via mobile devices or a peep door towards the television.

3.  Make a Home Movie

The family can work together to make a short home movie documenting fun events or even those indoor/outdoor campouts. Today’s technology makes it easy to shoot, edit and post videos to social media and other outlets.

4.  Plan a Family Dinner

Establish a night to have a family created dinner at home using family recipes or theme inspired creations. Make a pizza, set up a taco bar, create a s’more station or test your baking skills with pies, brownies, cookies or a cake. Build edible creations with foods like fruit cubes, cut veggies, marshmallows and pretzel sticks and connect them with toothpicks for customized feasts.

5.  Play Games

Whether video games or classic board games interest your family, they provide a quick and cost-free way to spend some quality time together. Bust out some snacks and take on the kiddos in some championship battles of your choice.

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