5 Complementary Services Your Removals and Storage Company Can Do For You

There seems to be an endless number of things you need to think of when you are moving houses. It just feels like there are a billion and one items that you need to check off your mental to-do list.

With the hustle and bustle of relocating and making sure that everything falls into place smoothly, you would certainly wish for a genie to pop up and just make everything magically fix themselves.

An extra pair of hands

You cannot wait for a fantastical figment of the imagination to come and rescue you, however. What you can do, though, is to enlist the aid of an experienced removals and storage company.

You can surely entrust your home items and  furniture removals to an professional interstate removalist that has been accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) and has been providing safe and reliable removal services for over 40 years. Whether you need help in local or interstate removals, professional removalists can definitely help you.

Aside from competently assisting you with your home or office removals, a reputable removalist can also offer you complementary services. They have considerately thought about other services that can help lessen your work load and make the transition to your new place as hassle-free as possible.

Here are some of the complementary services that a removals company can offer you:

1. Storage

Whether you need a temporary place to store your items or long-term storage for your valuables, a professional removals company can also offer you storage. With your convenience in mind, thoughtful removalists have come up with a solution as to where you can place your personal effects when you don’t have enough space to store them.

Should storage needs arises — like when your kitchen renovation is still underway or your new house has limited space — modern and secure storage is provided for your personal belongings. With a back to base alarm security system and regular night patrols, you can sleep soundly knowing your personal possessions are safely tucked away.

A full inventory of your goods will be provided to you after you decide to store them in a furniture module or container. White items are given extra care and attention and stored accordingly. All items are also stored in furniture felts to ensure that they are in the same condition when you go back to get them.

For added peace of mind, it helps to know storage facilities also have quarterly pest control checks as well as electrical, plumbing, and fire prevention inspection.

2. Packing

Organizing and packing your items can take a lot of your time and energy. Especially when you don’t have the luxury of time, so this complementary service can certainly be a source of relief.

Your removals company can pack your goods for you. Packaging materials are also offered when you request for a quote so you won’t need to go out of your way and spend time looking for boxes and tapes.

A professional team will efficiently wrap and pack all your goods or selected items for maximum protection while being transported. Even your clothes will be stored in port-a-robes so they arrive at your new place clean, crease-free, and ready to be hung in your wardrobes.

3. Valet unpacking

Going the extra mile for you, your removalist can also offer valet unpacking. This service is meant to give you a stress-free transition to your new place, as they will take care of unpacking and organizing your new home.

When all you want to do is open your door to a ready to live in home,, include this complementary service in your quote and they will unpack everything according to your requirements.

Having all cartons unpacked, floors vacuumed, cupboards wiped, bedrooms set up, and other such services can all be done by professionals. They may even throw in a complimentary welcome bouquet for you!

4. Car Transport

When you have several vehicles that you need to bring with you to your new home, save time and money by asking your removals company to also take care of transporting them.

Just make sure there are no personal items left in the car, it is safe enough to drive, and that there’s enough petrol, so all the professional team has to do is ensure your vehicle arrives in one piece.

5. Pet Transport

When you have furry friends that you also want to take with you to your new abode, entrust their care and proper transport to the able hands of your removal company. Trained and caring pet handlers have the experience, knowledge, and commitment to make sure that your precious pet will also enjoy the journey.

Pet relocation services include temporary boarding and bathing, pick-up and delivery in an air-conditioned pet taxi, and door-to-door pet relocation.

A moving experience

Moving to a new home is packed with experiences that will be part of your memory trove. You’d want it to be as memorable (in the most positive way) as possible and fill you only with fond memories.

Choosing the right removals and storage company will make a world of difference in ensuring that your transition will be how you want it to be. To avoid the stress of packing and unpacking, transporting pets and cars, as well as finding storage for excess goods can all be out of your hair and left in the capable hands of your removalist.


Kim Hill works on Marketing at Adams & Rofe Removals and Storage and has been a dynamic figure in the removal industry for over 30 years. For relocating families, individuals or offices around Sydney or all over Australia, Kim will develop the perfect removal plan to take the stress out of your next move.