5 Best Tips to Help Your Lawn Withstand a Summer Drought

In 2018, drought in the United States was believed to be at its worst level, particularly among West Coast states such as California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico.

According to National Geographic, however, 2019 may actually prove to be the true worst case of drought in the country because of El Nino. Scientists warn that 2019 will be the hottest year in recorded human history. And when the weather is extremely hot, water reservoirs are at risk of becoming dead pools (the low point when no water can be released).

Given this situation, property owners like you need to take special measures when caring for outdoor spaces. With adequate preparation and smart decision-making, your lawn can effectively withstand a summer drought.

To keep your lawn healthy and thriving in the summer, here are the five best tips on performing lawn maintenance during a drought from the industry professionals.

1. Boost your lawn with fertilizers and other tonics before the weather gets too hot.

The most effective lawn treatments, Amarillo lawn professionals say, are those carried out long before the season when they are actually needed. So, before the onset of spring, take time to spread fertilizer, compost, and other tonics on your lawn ahead of time. This will supply your lawn with all the nutrients it needs to withstand the harsh conditions ahead.

Remember, early application is the key. Give your plants, soil, and turf food in early March, just as winter is making its exit, and your lawn will be well-nourished in early summer.

2. Water your lawn deeply and regularly.

This smart watering strategy will encourage grass roots to grow deeper. This allows the roots to reach for water that is way beneath the dry surface during the summer. Therefore, even if the topsoil is quite dry because of the drought, your grass will remain green for much longer.

Launch into this watering strategy in the spring for the best results.

Here’s an extra tip: To reduce fresh water usage, start collecting rainwater and snow in barrels before the summer (make sure to observe any related state regulations first). Afterwards, create a slow-drip system attached to the barrels of collected water to keep your lawn hydrated enough during the drought.

3. Control pests.

Again, when it comes to addressing hot weather using lawn treatments, Canyon, TX  gardening specialists advise property owners to invest in effective pest control.

Pests can completely wipe out your turf. So, once you find certain types of beetles and slugs feasting on your grass, call the lawn care professionals right away. They will set up different traps and spread diatomaceous earth, which can easily kill most insects that like to eat grass.

4. Replace your turf with a drought-tolerant variety.

There are different grass varieties that thrive in arid places and can withstand a long dry spell. You can replace your current turf with buffalo grass, couch grass, and Zoysia grass.

These grass species are among the most drought-tolerant. They can tolerate full sun and will thrive even with a limited water supply. Couch grass is especially wonderful because its roots run really deep. And, if it does wither due to the extreme heat, it just needs a bit of TLC to come back to life.

5. Cut your turf high.

Do not cut your grass shorter than three inches, especially during the summer. Taller grass is tougher and does not get stressed easily during long, dry periods. At the same time, it does not require a lot of water to stay green.

So, just let your grass grow when it’s hot and dry. The extra height will be beneficial to its health.

Keeping your lawn green and healthy during a drought in the hottest season of the year can be challenging, but it is certainly doable. Aim to invest a little bit more time, money and effort in this goal to help your outdoor space flourish even in the face of extreme weather conditions.