5 Bathroom Trends For 2018 to Watch Out For

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If you haven’t noticed, bathrooms are no longer spaces built strictly for function. They have become places to relax, unwind, and take some time to yourself. There are so many new smart features that are available for the first time in a bathroom that it is kind of hard to ignore. After all, the rest of your home is smart so why isn’t your bathroom?

We have talked to the people that know what’s coming, the bathroom renovators, and asked them what we can expect to see in 2018. Then we compiled it into a list of the top five trends that are coming your way.

Functional Furniture

Gone are the days where the only option you had for your bathroom was cabinets or simple shelves. Now you will see large cupboards, creative cubicles, and even cocktail tables. It makes perfect sense when you think about the large bath sheets that you wrap yourself in; you have to have somewhere to store them. As for the cocktail table, if you are going to have a bubble bath and a glass of wine, you have to have somewhere to sit your wine glass!

Smart Features

Lights that turn on when you walk into the room and remote-controlled lights that you can dim while you are soaking in the tub are just the beginning. Features like heated floors, voice-controlled electronics, and even remote controlled electric heaters are becoming commonplace.

Lounging Baths

For a while, we saw that showers were stealing the show. Bathtubs were almost an afterthought. Not anymore! Large spacious tubs are beginning to come back. Some of them have amazing waterfall feature, spa jets, and even cup holders. They aren’t a place to get clean but rather a place to come and reconnect with yourself. They are luxurious and comfortable.


Bathrooms have taken centre stage in the design game. They don’t look like the person who designed the home just stuck the bathroom into a small square they had left over. Now bathroom renovations are taking over and changing entire floor plans of homes. They are becoming the main space as people decide they can handle a decent master bedroom but the master bath simply must be big enough for stretching out and being comfortable.


There is no one telling you what you have to do in a bathroom space. You can mix and match tiles, use bold colour choices, and let your personality shine. Abstract brushstrokes are replacing white walls. Bold wallpapers are overtaking the plain and the boring. This is your space to do what you want with.

All you need to do is call your local bathroom renovation company so that they can help you to design a bathroom that you will love. They can show you some of the biggest trends and how to use them in your space.  They can also help you to find your own style and let you lead the way in your bathroom renovation.

Want to learn more about what bathroom renovation trends we can expect to see in 2018? Contact your local bathroom renovation specialist team today!