5 Advantages of Clear Span Construction Tents

Recently, temporary building structures have gained popularity across many industries. The so-called “clear span” construction tents have many advantages over standard tents with pole designs and permanent buildings. These tents were termed as clear span because the interior spans have no support structures. This model has made tents more useful, safer and more convenient.

So without further ado, we have here the five advantages of clear span construction tents compared to traditional tents and permanent buildings.

  1. It comes in any shape and size

With clear span construction tents, you can request for any design. Be it a 3 meter or a 50-meter scale; you have the freedom to select the tent frame that can accommodate your event. At most points, extensions and support rafters can be added to the structure. This feature allows size and design flexibility for the tent.

  1. There are no obstructions

There are no interior obstructions for clear span construction tents as these structures are entirely supported by the secured steel spikes and frameworks to the base plates. With no poles or columns to obstruct the interior, moving machines, shelves, and other materials are effortless and more flexible.

  1. Fast installation and removal

Designed for easy transport, the different parts of the construction tents fit trailers and trucks used for transportation of the said materials. Because of their easy transportation, installation takes faster time and can even be installed in any landscape ranging from the cemented parking lot, rooftop building, or sloping grass field.

The clear span construction tent is so easy to set up that even a single experienced crew can install sizes of 10,000 to 20,000 sq ft. in one day.

  1. Withstand heavy weather conditions

The ability to withstand severe weathers is what makes a structure excellent and reliable. After all, it is hard to avoid unexpected weather events. For businesses, it is essential that the tent is resistant to all weather conditions.

Sturdy and waterproof, clear span construction tents are from vinyl covers. The separate roof panels can be sealed with the use of high-frequency welding to ensure that leaks won’t happen. In cases of winds and rains, the sides are designed to be closed to serve as additional protection against severe weather conditions.

  1. Lots of available accessory options

When selecting clear span construction tents, you can add extra features like glass walls, ceiling liners, and power distribution. For choices, you can pick bright window walls, sandwich panels, simple, transparent PVC fabrics, or ABS solid walls which can be set up for sidewalls in times of real need.

Accessories are also easy to arrange in clear span tent. Desks, tables, stages, machinery, equipment, cabinets and much more can be organized as to how you want them to because of the lack of obstructions.


All in all, the flexible construction and vast, spacious interiors of clear span construction tents make them ideal for a variety of purposes. The lack of obstacles, ease of installment and removal, and flexibility has made clear span construction tents one of the most sought-after structures for different trades.