4 Types of Window Treatments for the Modern Home


The modern home, with its simplicity and clean lines, is fast becoming the popular choice for Australian homeowners.  The airy and accessible nature of the interior décor of a modern home is what appeals to many. When you choose the interior décor for your modern home, you automatically think of neutral colour palettes and geometric shapes, be it in the furniture or the art within the rooms. At the same time, you want the interiors to be warm and welcoming, making a liveable space for your family.

Keeping the theme of simplicity in mind, the window treatment of your home should also be both modern and airy, with the same simple lines and the ability to let a lot of light into the rooms. The window treatment for a modern home should also let enough warmth into the room while blocking the harsh Australian heat when needed.

There are a few popular choices in window treatment that any modern Australian home features. A vast array of choice of blinds online will give you an idea of what is available out there. These fulfill the purpose of managing light and heat in the room, as well as beautifully bring together the modern aesthetic of the home.

  1. Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds are making a comeback of sorts in the modern home, as the clean horizontal lines of the Venetian blades give the sleek effect and the elegant profiles that a modern home is going for. Venetian blinds online come in a wide range of materials that would be suitable for various rooms in your home. For instance, Venetian blinds in PVC or aluminium material are best suited for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, whereas elegant blinds in wood could provide the warm look of the den or the living area. They are also easy to install and also allow the right amount of light and warmth to enter the room.
  2. Roller blinds: this may seem like a generic and quite common option for window treatment. However, the roller blinds also keep coming back as one of the most popular choice for the modern home. Roller blinds need not be boring or dull. Roller blinds online come in an exciting range of colours, sizes and They are usually fitted within the frames of a window, and are a really cost-efficient option for many. You can completely black out the window and shut out the light, or use a lighter material that will let in just the amount of light you need.

Roman shades: roman shades are made out of fabric and roll up and down along wide horizontal panels, which are pulled by cords on one side. These come in varied textures, colours and designs, mostly softer shades, and provide good insulation against both heat and cold, based on the type. Also, these are the favourite of interior decorators for a more eclectic modern décor. Roman shades come in lightweight sheer fabric like cotton and hemp which are perfect for Australian summers.