4 Space-Saving Kitchen Storage Ideas

A lot of people are looking at smaller living concepts.  From tiny homes to micro studio apartments, the interest in shrinking living space is bigger than ever.  It might have something to do with rising rents.  But living with fewer square feet does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice the biggest Cuisinerosemere.com comforts, including delicious homemade meals for yourself and the people you love.Image result for 4 Space-Saving Kitchen Storage Ideas

And here are some storage ideas to help:


One of the most popular kitchen trends the past few years have to do with open storage ideas.  Basically, this is a storage concept which utilizes shelves with no doors or cabinetry.  Open shelves actually provide more flexible storage than you might realize (since you do not have to try to fit everything into tight quarters that must close).  For an even more authentic, professional kitchen feel, make sure you include a central butcher block island with built-in knife slots so all of your most important tools are in a handy place.


Another major trend right now—and something probably everyone should think about—is the customized pantry.  While many homes now come with excellently designed built-in pantries, it is more important to customize this space to fit your particularly cooking needs.  

On the other hand, you might have a kitchen that needs a little more space for food storage. If this is the case, you could think about simply customizing a smaller hall closet near the kitchen with special shelves, pull-out baskets, shallow drawers, and other stacking options that best suit the way you like to cook.


One way emerging strategy that is helping many people make better use of their kitchen space is to integrate vertical storage concepts.  Most people think about shelving in horizontal terms and forget that it is certainly possible to stack thinner and taller, especially if you are very smart about the way you organize your dry goods.


In most homes, spices are probably stored in a higher cabinet near the stove or in the separate food preparation area.  Or you might have them in a rotating rack on the counter next to the stove.  Consider instead a drawer near to the stovetop, at least for your most used spices and herbs.  This is actually a better way to preserve some of the more delicate flavors since it better protects them from moisture and sunlight and heat.