4 Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Fireplace Mantel

All thanks to the modern home décor, fireplace mantels have made the place in everyone’s checklist who love redecorating their homes. They have gained popularity as time went by, and the researchers concluded that there is at least one fireplace installed in every home since 2010. And the potential buyers of new, modern houses demand that fireplace should be pre-installed in their preferred choice of houses too. With these conclusions and findings by the researchers, it is quite obvious that fireplace mantel is a necessity for your home. If you still aren’t convinced, read on to know the benefits of a fireplace mantel.

  1. Set the mood

Fireplace mantels greatly contributes to entertainment and relaxation. Imagine after a long day at work, when you come back home to your partner, the fireplace mantel will cast a romantic ambiance into the room. There is no better way to create a cozy atmosphere with the flames crackling in the background to enhance the mood.

  1. Make a statement

No matter if your fireplace mantel is fashioned of eye-catching peppy colors or simply a wooden mantel, fireplace adds to the dramatic focal point of your home in no time. Check out various fireplace ideas on omegamantels.com, or choose from hundreds and thousands of fireplace mantel designs on the website. You will not be disappointed.

  1. Sell your home

According to the experts, 46 percent of homebuyers are always at large for paying extra in order to install a fireplace in their homes. What is better than that is, the younger couples too, ascertain the value they can add, they are more inclined to buy a dwelling with the intention of upgrading the fireplace mantel surround or by adding shelves on top of it. Nowadays, potential homeowners prefer to have a modern home by embracing the contrast—installing a classic style fireplace mantel by a simple DIY project. Options are endless.

  1. Gives a reason to spend time with family

As discussed above, fireplace mantels helps in contributing to the entertainment and relaxation, which in turn helps in bonding with the family members too. You can play indoor games like board games, karaoke etc. enjoying the warmth of hot cocoa along with it too. With a sound of fire cracking in the background, your family would love to spend time with each other in chilly autumn and winter nights together. You can enjoy it in the summer too, by treating the mantel as a craft project and adorning it with the festive themes every now and then.