4 Items You Should Never Expose To Your Kitchen Drain

Is there a strange foul smell coming from your kitchen? This can be from a blocked or clogged sink drain. Another indicator of this problem is lots of standing water which is a result of your drains inability to drain.

What causes a kitchen sink to clog or block? Plumbing Ocean County experts discuss what you should never expose your kitchen drain to.

Food Debris

You must be thinking “there’s no way food debris won’t end up in the sink”. If you’re determined to keep your kitchen from foul smells, then you will see to it that food remains, such as coffee grounds, don’t do anywhere near your drains. A top plumber Bayville recommends having two dust bins in your kitchen; one for the dry remains and a second “wet pail” for food remains. This will prevent a possible breakdown of your garbage disposal and save you from a clog or blockage nightmare.


The garbage disposal under your kitchen drain is capable of processing a lot, but bones is not one of these. When you’re washing dishes and the water appears to not drain from the sink you will immediately think of running the disposal. If there is a bone(s) that ended up in your sink you’ll know of to from the strange noises the garbage disposal makes. Have a plumber look at the problem and clean it up before it disrupts your entire plumbing system.

Fats, Oils and Grease

The problems with fats, oils and grease is they don’t appear capable of causing a problem to your kitchen sink as they go down the drain. Since in most cases the oils or fat you’re pouring in the kitchen sink is hot, you’ll assume they won’t cause a clog or block. Then they cool off and voila! No DIY sink cleaning is clearing your clog. You won’t see the fats, oils and grease cool down while inside the drain, that’s why you should place them in a waste container and dispose them when they’re in solid form.

Vegetable Remains

Kitchen warriors are notorious when it comes to disposing all types of vegetable remains in the sink. Plumbing Ocean County professionals recommend throwing the dry veggie remains in a dry disposal bin and the wet ones in a wet pail. The drains beneath your sink are not designed to process bits of celery, potato skins, carrot peels and others so prevent them from ending up there.

If you’ve carried out a DIY sink unclogging or unblocking for your sink but the problem recurs again and again, you should call a licensed plumber Ocean County. An expert will use advanced plumbing tools to diagnose the problem, unblock your drains and prevent future blockages.