4 Essential Furniture Pieces That Will Make Your Living Room Feel More Luxurious and Elegant

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 Furniture is perhaps the biggest factor in transforming your living room from an ordinary space to a magical work of art. With the right furniture and creative concept, you can significantly change your living room’s appearance to awe your visitors when they enter your home.

But having the right furniture and concept in mind is not all you need to consider before you remodel your living space. You also need to find the right furniture shop from where you’ll be getting your pieces from. And here in Singapore, there are a lot of furniture shops that offer different accessories that it’s hard to find the right one to put in your home.

If you don’t know what accessories your living room should have, don’t worry! Below, we check out 4 essential furniture pieces that your living room must absolutely have to give it a luxurious vibe.

Wall shelves


Wall shelves are an important piece to have in your living. It’s not only a beautiful and elegant display but also an efficient place to store other accessories like flower vases or books.

Other than being a place to store your books, wall shelves are also very efficient in making your living room more spacious by reducing the clutter on the floor. And with apartment units here in Singapore getting smaller, space is becoming a luxury. With wall shelves, you can have more walking space instead of having a bookshelf or chest drawer at the corner of the room.

Wall mirrors


A wall mirror is a great centrepiece to have in your living room because it amplifies the feeling of spaciousness in the room.

In many showrooms and furniture shops, mirrors are heavily used to create an illusion of the room being spacious. You can use this trick in your own living room so that it would appear spacious.

If you find yourself in a furniture shop looking for a mirror to put on your living room, a circular wall mirror would be best for a living room since it has a more elegant style than a regular rectangle-shaped wall mirror.



A trolley is an unusual thing to have in your home, but it’s a good furniture piece to have, especially if you’re the type to have a lot of guests around.

Trolleys are great for serving your guests drinks and other refreshments with ease and style. It’s also a great accessory to have by the corner of your living room. When shopping for one in a furniture shop, make sure you find one that is elegantly designed and crafted with durable materials



Another important piece in a living room is a sideboard or side table. A living room without a sideboard will often look bare and empty. Plus, a sideboard is a good place to showcase your memorabilia for visitors to see.

When shopping for a sideboard in a furniture shop, make sure to find one that is appropriately sized for your home; anything too big or too small will stand out too much and can become an eyesore.

The price of luxury


Interior design is not an easy task. It requires a lot of focus, conceptualisation, and a lot of shopping for furniture. But trying to make your living room appear luxurious and elegant doesn’t require spending on interior designer and other unnecessary accessories. With just these 4 furniture pieces, you’re bound to see improvements in your living space.