4 Allergens That May Be in Your Home Right Now

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A stuffy nose, puffy eyes, and sore throat are just some of the symptoms that affect people with allergies on a regular basis. We often associate allergens with things found outdoors such as pollen and dust, but many people also have reactions to irritants living inside the home making allergies a 24-7 problem.

Poor indoor air quality doesn’t just mean more minor reactions; it can also cause asthma and symptoms from allergies to grow worse over time. But fear not–there are steps you can take to restore your home to an allergen free zone.  

There are four main culprits of household allergies:

  • Dust Mites – These little critters are the leading cause of indoor allergies. They can be found year-round but peak towards late summer, and live in all house dust including inside beds and bedding! The best way to keep dust mites out of your home is to use hypoallergenic duvets, pillow covers, and bedsheets. Make sure to take the time to wash them regularly; hot water kills dust mites and prevents them from reproducing and making allergy or asthma symptoms worse.
  • Mold Spores – Places like the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room are ideal breeding grounds for all kinds of mold, some even toxic to humans. A good vent with a high-quality air filter can create better air quality in these musty spaces by removing the spores and reducing moisture in the room, ultimately limiting the growth of future mold.
  • Animal Dander – Most people are not actually allergic to their pet’s hair; it’s the skin flakes and saliva particles they produce that cause problems. Unfortunately for owners with allergies, this dander can’t be removed completely from the house and keeping their furry friends outdoors isn’t a sustainable solution. An HVAC system with a good air filter can reduce the number of particles in the air and limit the time and severity of any allergic reactions. Regular maintenance and filter replacements are essential to keep the system working at its best.
  • Cockroaches – Cockroach problems happen everywhere and are not always an indication of a dirty home. Apartment buildings are particularly at risk to suffer from infestations which can deliver a whole range of allergy related issues. The best way to get rid of a cockroach problem is to keep them out of the living space as much as possible and to limit their access to food and water. If the infestation gets to be too big to handle on your own, an experienced exterminator can both kill all the cockroaches and offer advice on prevention.

Air quality is the culprit of many allergy problems people face at home. You can maintain high air quality with an HVAC system that filters air and removes the particles and moisture that cause allergic reactions, leaving you with a fresher and happier home.