3 Tips for Styling a Modern Living Room

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Decorating with high gloss furniture

This trend in decorating reflects the latest contemporary style which allows designers to add any piece of high gloss furniture to make a statement in a room. It will create a stylish effect while being simple and minimal in its look. The high gloss is achieved by using a finish that is glossy and shiny on a piece of furniture while also reflecting the light that falls on it. 

One of the favourite colours that are being used is pure white gloss and there are very good reasons for it. The following tips might persuade you to use a white high gloss piece of furniture in your home 

It is fashionable in any contemporary setting 

The current views on decorating are that white high gloss furniture is a must when decorating your home. Magazines include it in their articles, shops display it and online shops offer a variety to choose from. 

Creates a stylish contrast 

White offers the best option to create a contrast in a room, ensuring a stylish effect when used in contrast with a wall or floor finished in a dark colour. The contemporary trend to decorate one wall in a dark colour offers the perfect spot for a white high gloss TV unit against the wall. This will bring sophistication while maintaining a minimalist look. 

White harmonises with other colours 

Don’t just use high gloss white with black, it goes well with other colours in a darker shade. It helps reduce the impact of red when used in moderation. 

Lighten any room 

The use of any piece of furniture in white gloss, even if it is not adorned with shining inserts or bright lighting, will ensure that the room becomes brighter. The effect of a white high gloss piece on a room ensures that the mood becomes lighter and airy. 

White high gloss furniture mix with everyone 

White high gloss furniture easily adapts with other textures, looks and materials to create a perfect setting. This versatility makes it very attractive to use in different combinations. Use a white gloss TV unit against a dark wall with leather sofas in a living room to create a stylish, classy atmosphere. It won’t look out of place when you decide to add a coffee table with a thick glass top. This will ensure that your living room looks comfortable and stylish. 

Don’t let the TV dominate 

Finally a TV and in particular the very large flat screen models in use tends to dominate any room and become the main decorating item, the coffee table suffers under an overload of remote controls with which to control all the different electronic appliances. To counter this, a modern décor solution can be the use of a sleek white high gloss white TV cabinet. The TV becomes part of a décor item which houses all the appliances and keeps the remotes safely out of sight. This provides a stylish solution to a décor problem. 

Don’t be afraid to go glossy, shop today for that perfect piece.