3 Things You Need To Know Before Printing On Metal

The act of printing on metals has been found wide application in many industries spanning the aerospace, automotive and medical sector. It is not just enough to make printings on metals but to ensure a quality job is done. The difference among many companies involved in metal printing is the quality of their product like the Big Acrylic aluminum photo prints. It boils down to the purpose of the printing. High quality is required when the prints are meant for expositions or gallery collections because it can either promote or hinder patronage and sales. Before printing on metals, keep these few points in mind.

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#1: Give the print quality a check

Don’t just start printing all you can, ensure you check for the quality of prints from the companies you want to work for. Don’t just rely on what you feel or peoples’ feedback, have a proper check, order for similar products at 8×10 from at least three companies that hired you for a printing job on metals, consider their hanging method and durability. This will go a long way to guide your work and make it easier. Test prints before kick-starting any job.

#2: Don’t be turned off by the sticker shock

The sticker carrying the price of printing on metal should not scare you, although an expensive tag can leave you in shock. To keep to your budget, you have to leave out some unnecessary attachments like frames or matte because it does not necessarily make them any extra gorgeous. The price of a regular 24×36 framed print is no different from an aluminum print so there is no point; just let the metal print express the beauty it already carries.

#3: Metal prints varies

You should not expect the same quality of prints from different companies. Some companies make use of thin metals and some others utilize horrible inks to print applications. You really need to consider and have a proper check of works done by printing companies before hiring them to work for you, because some are just a total mess and they deliver less quality than what expect. Some companies delay in their delivery time and hinder your sales. Have it in mind that you may have to pay much for a quality printing jobs on metals; with good presentation and careful attention to specifications and needs. Don’t settle for less; opt for products with long-lasting quality.