3 of the Best Hard Floor Cleaner Machines

There are some great advantages to having hard floors like tiles. They are in general longer lasting, attractive and easy to clean. However keeping them truly clean can be a challenge especially in a bus home where the floor sees a lot of traffic, pets and/or children! Stains happen and sometimes mopping is not enough to clean it well. Today there are a range of hard floor cleaner machines on the market to help solve your problems. Floor steamers are a great example and many are very effective at cleaning with little effort or time put into the process! Here we look at three of the best floor cleaning machines and what they have to offer.

Product reviews

We have three of the best hard floor cleaner machine options for you to look at. Each is from a different manufacturer and are all great cleaning tools, just see which suits your needs in design, effectiveness and looks.

  1. Bissell Steam Mop 1867-7Light green in color this option is a nice light cleaner weighing under seven pounds and measures a slim 6 inches x 11 inches x 42.25 inches. It does not use chemicals but cleans your tiles and hard floors using just steam. This means no need to be concerned about fumes or odors and it is safe or small children and animals. It takes half a minute to get ready, has complete swivel capabilities so can reach and twist around furniture and removes bacteria and germs. There is a filter built into it and is easy to carry. It comes with two of the microfiber pads it uses so when those are used you will have to replace. The cord is on the shorter side.
  2. Hoover Twin Tank WH20200 Disinfecting Steam Mop – Hoover boasts this steam mop kills almost a thousand strains of bacteria when used on your floors. It is free of toxins so again safe to use and it only takes half a minute till it is ready to use too. There are lights that indicate when it is ready to use and the triangular head that swivels cleans into corners well. If your floor is dirtier than usual then you can switch to heavy cleaning mode. There are two tanks, one for the solution that has the disinfectant in it and one for water. You can then choose whether you clean by steam only or if you need to use a cleaning solution with the steam. Thankfully the tanks are quite easy to re-fill.
  3. Eureka Enviro 313A Hard Surface Floor Steamer Reaches into corners and hard areas well and the height can be adjusted to suit the user which is really nice. It is very light at just 5 and a half pounds and is chemical free. You have a clear indicator of the water level so you know when it needs a refill. With it, you get two cleaning pads and a tray to place it on when it is cooling and heating. It cleans very effectively which is why it is one of the best floor cleaning machine.