3 Great Alternative Uses For Your Garage

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If you are lucky enough to have a garage at your home, you may well be using it for its traditional purpose of storing your vehicle, but perhaps you don’t own a car, or you prefer to park on your driveway.

In those instances, what should you do with your garage space? It’s too easy for it to become a bit of a dumping ground when in actual fact it can be a really useful space for you to utilise.

To give you a little bit of inspiration, we’re here to bring you three great alternative uses for your garage so that you can make the best use of all that spare space.

A home gym

You can save yourself a bit of money by cancelling your costly gym membership and setting up a workout space in your garage at home instead.

While gym equipment may not be the cheapest, bear in mind that you will be saving hundreds of pounds per year if you cancel your gym membership, and you only need to purchase the equipment that you actually use!

What’s even better is that you can access your home gym at any time of day or night, and aren’t restricted to working out around the opening hours of your local gym.

How fancy or basic your own garage gym ends up is entirely up to you, and if you need some inspiration, there’s a great set of photos of other people’s garage gyms here!

A workshop

Whether you’re into doing up cars, arts and crafts, or woodworking, the garage is the perfect place to set up your own personal workshop area.

Whether it’s a hobby or your actual job, working right next to your home is perfect as it allows you your own space to get in the zone, but you don’t have far at all to travel to get there!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to converting your garage into a workshop space, Lifehacker have put together this rather helpful and in-depth post that talks you through it!

While decorating

When you come to redecorate or remodel your home, it can sometimes be rather difficult or even impossible to do all of the work you need to when your home is filled with your furniture and belonging.

A great solution is to temporarily move your things to the garage to store them, as it’s far cheaper than putting them into storage and more practical than moving them from room to room.

Even if you don’t have your own garage at home, you can actually rent one out through a company such as lockupgarages.co.uk which is a great short-term option that is far cheaper than other forms of storage. You can hire garages on a quarterly basis, or just for a month, which is super convenient.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for different ways that you can make the most of your own garage, rather than just using it as a place to store your junk!