3 Deadly Viruses Present in Dirty Carpets

After a long hard days’ work, we all look forward to going back home and spending some time with our loved ones. The current standard of living demands every individual to hold a job to survive in the global economy. Therefore, activities such as cleaning the house, or purchasing everyday supplies become once in a month kind of a chore. However, if cleaning the house is left unchecked then the comfort of our very own home cannot be retained for long.

Diseases may begin to spread in an unclean house, and it is even more relevant when you have carpets as decors present within your residence. As per a recent survey conducted, it is estimated that the carpets and rugs have the ability to hold a large number of pollutants in turn, acting as internal filters. Consequently, it also must be noted that these carpets, just like any other air filters must also be cleaned in order to maintain proper hygiene inside a house. This is precisely where the services of crystal Melbourne carpet cleaning comes into play.

Following are a few diseases which can affect an individual when proper carpet cleaning is not initiated.

  1. Norovirus Infection: Norovirus can survive in your carpet for close to 5 weeks. Within this time period, the exposure to this virus can lead to intestinal flu and sickness. Thus, professional cleaning help is essential to mitigate the development of Norovirus in your carpets.

  1. Campylobacter: The most common objective of installing carpets is that they help to keep our feet warm during winters. Now Campylobacter is a type of virus which generally tends to develop during the winter season. The virus affects the immune system of human beings and makes us vulnerable to various diseases. Stomach cramps and fever are the two most common diseases which can be caused by Campylobacter infection.

  1. Salmonella: These are disease creating viruses which usually affect the gut of human being. Right from stomach cramps to loosening of the intestines, salmonella is known to have initiated such health issues. The virus is even more dangerous for children as significant infection can be caused if left exposed to this pathogen. The sickness can last up to 7 days as it makes the infected individual physically weak. Therefore, it is essential to clean the carpets on a weekly basis with the help of a powerful vacuum or by appointing professional crystal carpet cleaning Melbourne service providers to ensure complete eradication of viruses such as salmonella.

So there you have it, three deadly yet common viruses which can be present in your rug right as you read this article. Prevention is indeed better than any cure, thus, consult a professional cleaning company or make an effort to clean your house yourself to prevent the growth of such viruses.