12 Questions Before You Hire a Roofer For Your Home

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If you are working with a roofing contractor for the first time, it is important to do some initial research. Many roofing services fail to deliver on promises, often leading to losses for the homeowner. In this post, we bring the questions that must be asked before assigning the job.

  • How long the roofer has been in business? No matter whether you are installing new roof or need help with upkeep and maintenance, it is important to hire a contractor who has enough experience in the field.
  • Is the company insured? A roofing contractor is expected to have both general liability insurance and workman’s compensation cover to cover for property damages and medical bills respectively.
  • Are the reviews positive? Eventually, customer testimonials and reviews say a lot about the concerned company. Check the reviews online, especially the rating on Checkatrade for the concerned service.
  • Will they offer references? If a company has been working for many years, they will always have enough clients. The best roofers don’t hesitate in sharing references on request, especially because it helps potential clients.
  • Do they survey the property? Unless the roofing experts have checked your property and possible need for repairs, it is impossible to discuss the course of work. Find a service that doesn’t delay the process.
  • Will they give a free estimate? It may sound surprising, but some contractors do charge a fee for offering the estimate. Keep in mind that estimates need to be free and clear in all aspects to avoid confusions.
  • What’s the required time? Just like the price, you also need to have a deadline for the job. Ask about the time required for the overall work and if they can mention all the details in the contract.
  • What kind of building materials do they use? When it comes to roofing, you would want a service that only spends on premium materials, because it affects the quality of work and returns you get from the investment.
  • Will they remove the old roof? In case of new roof installation, the contractor is responsible for removing the old roof. Ask this question in advance because you wouldn’t want to pay extra charges later.
  • Will they offer a contact? Roofing jobs can take time, and you cannot be around all the time. Most professional roofers will actually offer a point of contact – a manager or supervisor, who will be responsible to answer your queries.
  • Will they keep the pathways clean? Repairs often involve use of varied materials, ladders and other things, and a good contractor should do their bit to clear the pathways. They must also take additional steps to avoid damage to the garden.
  • Do they provide guarantees/warranty on the work? Finally, check if the company offers guarantees/warranty for the job, which is usually applicable for new installations and elaborative repair work.

If you have a clear estimate and contract with all the above points discussed, working with a roofing contractor would be easier than you think.