1. Not considering the light. This is most commonly committed mistake without  even realizing it. Not considering both natural and artificial light can often cause mistake relating to choosing the color.
  2. Use of too many colors at once. This can make the place appear unpleasant and very unpeaceful. Also, will not make you feel comfortable. Instead of using too many colors you can repress yourself to the color palette which has limited tones.
  3. Use of colors in wrong balance. You need to ensure to establish the balance between all the colors used in room’s decor.
  4. Do not try to match everything. Space needs variations in order to feel alluring and congenial. This generally means the use of one or two tones used in distinctive amounts and techniques. You can also use single shade but with distinctive hues.
  5. Try being consistent throughout. Try linking every room with each other in some ways. This can be done by making use of similar palette for all the rooms or you can also incorporate an element that is common and used for all the rooms. If there is nothing in common in the surrounding the ambiance of the room can be disturbing. Urbanclap is known for being consistent and offers apt services. You can try out our interior designing services in Hyderabad Centers.
  6. Make use of empty spaces. Not incorporating free space in the design can mess things when decorating. This mistake will make the whole space appear tiresome and unwelcoming. Ensure to keep a space for your eyes to rest else it will disrupt the entire design.

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  1. Do not try to play safe all the time. You should take chances, try an innovate and not just stick to the looks suggested in the portfolios. This will make your design look very generic and boring. Keep experimenting, go creative and push your limits and try something out of the box. We here at Urbanclap, try to play with colors and come up with an exceptionally good design. We have also started offering our interior designing services at Hyderabad.
  2. Giving wrong finish. You should be careful while choosing the finishing designs. Choosing the wrong finishing designs can hamper the balance of the design.
  3. Not applying paint properly. You need to be careful especially at the edges, where two adjacent walls meet and also the corners. Things can get tricky if your two colors are being used.
  4. Hanging the art way too high. There are many mistakes which are commonly repeated in case of art. The right way to use the art is to be specific and the art piece should be exactly at the center of the floor.
  5. Use of art that’s too small. Using way too smart art pieces can disturb the balance in a room. When picking an art piece for your room, compare it with the scale of the things present in the surrounding you have chosen and then pick one for you. It should be congruous with the decor.
  6. Pick the right rug for your space. Picking the appropriate rug for your room can be a tough and complex process. Choosing the rug that is too small can make your room appear incomplete and unfinished.