10 easy ways to save energy at home

Saving energy and cutting your energy bills doesn’t have to be difficult. A few smart decisions and small lifestyle changes is all it takes to reduce your bills, lower your carbon footprint and save money. Read on to find out how!

Switch off the lights when you leave the room

Did you know that lighting accounts for around 7% of your total energy bill? Get into the habit of turning off the lights whenever you leave a room. Doing so will make a big difference over the course of a year.

Swap your old light bulbs for energy saving models

If you throw out your old light bulbs and switch them for energy saving LED lamps, you could save around £35 per year! (according to figures from the Energy Saving Trust). Energy saving bulbs use much less electricity and they last longer too!

Switch off your appliances at the wall

Computers, games consoles, televisions, DVD players and other appliances will keep sucking up energy even when they look like they’re turned off. Make sure you switch them off at the wall rather than putting them in standby mode.

Set your fridge to the correct temperature

When you think about it, your fridge is turned on and using power 24/7, so it’s important to make sure it’s working efficiently. Find out where your fridge’s thermostat is and set it to the correct temperature – your fridge should be set to 3-5°C and your freezer should be around -18 °C.

Switch your energy provider

Switching to a better value gas & electricity supplier can make a huge difference to your energy bills. If you’re on an unsuitable tariff from one of the big suppliers, you could be paying way too much – smaller independent companies such as Eversmart Energy are often much cheaper.

Don’t overfill your kettle

Experts have estimated that in the UK, we waster a total of £68 million per year by boiling more water than we need! If you’re only making one cup of tea or coffee, then only boil a small amount of water. Or better yet, get a smaller kettle.

Use a washing up bowl

Using a plastic bowl when you wash the dishes (instead of running the hot tap constantly) will save water and gas. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that you can save around £55 per year by making this simple change.

Ditch the bath and take a shower instead

Taking a shower uses much less water and energy than a bath. If everybody in a family of four replaced one bath a week with a quick shower, they could save around £40 per year.

Fill your washing machine & dishwasher

Running a half-full washing machine or dishwasher is a big waste of energy and water. Make sure both are nice & full before you turn them on.

Use your oven efficiently

Many people pre-heat their oven unnecessarily before cooking – this is an old habit that just isn’t needed with modern ovens. 10-15 minutes is just fine. You can also turn the oven off near the end of the cooking time, as it will stay hot for a few minutes.

Follow these tips and you’ll be saving energy and money in no time!