Buying the best bed for your growing kids – Wise ideas for the parents

Is your child ready to leave his crib? When your kid is of 2 years age, you can invest in an interim toddler bed which is lower towards the ground. As your kid keeps growing, there is always a need for changing his bed so that they don’t outgrow their beds and find it uncomfortable to sleep on it.

If you’re a parent who is thinking of buying the best beds for your kids, you can get the best kids beds from Fantastic Furniture. But on what basis should you buy beds for your kids? Are there any factors on which you should buy such beds? Here are few points that you should take into account before buying beds for your kids.

All beds aren’t created in an equal manner

As per a paediatric chiropractor, whenever you buy a bed for some toddler, parents require taking into account the age and weight of the kid. The way in which the bedding should change from a cot to a normal bed should actually take place between 18 and 36 months. Post this time period, the toddler would be in some proper bed along with a mattress.

Mattresses should have an innerspring system

The world’s best bedding brands recommends mattresses which have an innerspring system. As against foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses will offer you the best skeletal support to the body when you sleep and won’t degrade with the moisture. Foam doesn’t have the features of a sprung bed and in case of latex; it has the tendency of shaping in accordance with the shape of your body with time. Hence latex and foam beds are a big No as their bodies are constantly changing.

Beds for toddlers are nothing but an unwanted expense

Though they’re in the rage, a toddler bed is a frame which ensures that your child doesn’t roll out and fall on the ground at night. Besides, toddler beds also give them a cozy feeling. For all those toddlers who find the transition to a bigger bed tough, a toddler bed will seem to be the best option. In between 18 and 36 months, the spine of the child is always growing and developing, especially at night. Hence, it is necessary for the mattresses to offer adequate support to make sure this growth occurs without any obstacle.

Getting the right spinal support is necessary

As long as sleeping is concerned, something that matters the most is the spine of the child. Both their neck and spine have to be kept in a neutral position because this state reduces the level of stress and lets the spine in growing without any obstacle. During night, the spine of a toddler will grow by 1.5cm and hence the mattress requires being soft enough to be comfortable and at the same time it should prevent the child from sinking into it.

Therefore, if you’re concerned about choosing the best bedding for your kid, take into account the above listed facts before making your choice.